First Look on Your Wedding Day: The Pros and Cons

What is the first look on a wedding day?

The purpose of a first look is to have a private moment between the couple before the ceremony. This idea has become increasingly popular in weddings today. As a Virginia wedding photographer, I understand the significance of capturing these intimate moments. However, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of a first look to determine if it aligns with your vision for the big day! In this blog post, I’ll explore the

Intimate first look at the Avenel House in Bedford, Virginia

Top 4 Reasons You Should Consider Doing a First Look:

1. Emotional Connection:

A first look allows the couple to share an intimate moment together, away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. It provides an opportunity to express their emotions, exchange heartfelt words, and calm any pre-ceremony nerves. This private moment can deepen the emotional connection between the couple, setting a beautiful tone for the rest of the day.

2. Extended Photography Time:

By opting for a wedding day first look, you can allocate more time for capturing stunning portraits! This additional photography time allows for creative shots, exploring different locations, and experimenting with unique angles and lighting. Also, this will ensure that you have a diverse range of images that truly reflect your love story!

groom first look in Danville, Virginia at Cottontail Events

If you’re looking for a unique first look idea, you could have the groom approach the bride instead vice versa! Miranda and Clyde chose to change it up on their wedding day at the Cottontail in Danville, Virginia.

3. Relieving Time Constraints:

A first look can help alleviate time constraints on your wedding day. A huge benefit to doing a first look is extra time to get some pre-ceremony wedding photos completed. By seeing each other before the ceremony, you can knock out formal portraits, bridal party photos, and even some family portraits in advance. In this case, you will be able to enjoy your cocktail hour and spend more time with your guests, making the most of your special day.

4. Nerves and Anxiety:

For some couples, the anticipation of seeing each other at the altar can be overwhelming. A first look can help alleviate nerves and anxiety, as it provides an opportunity to connect and share a quiet moment together. It allows you to release any tension and approach the ceremony with a sense of calm and joy! Some couples also feel a lot of pressure to react a certain way in front of their guests as they are walking down the aisle, this get rids of that pressure as it’s just the two of you.

3 Reasons You Should Not Do a First Look:

1. Traditional Expectations:

If you and your partner prefer tradition and the element of surprise, a first look may not align with your vision. The tradition of seeing each other for the first time as you walk down the aisle can be very sentimental. It’s essential to consider your personal preferences and the significance of tradition in your wedding day.

2. Time Constraints and Scheduling:

While a first look can alleviate time constraints, it also requires careful planning and coordination. You’ll need to factor in additional time for hair, makeup, and getting ready. If getting up a little earlier doesn’t sound like something you want to do, then a first look might not be ideal! There is also the logistics of finding a suitable location for the first look. Typically, the lighting won’t always be the best since it will be pre-ceremony and the sunlight may be harsh.

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3. Privacy and Intimacy:

While a first look can be incredibly intimate, some couples may prefer to save that moment for the ceremony! The walk down the aisle, with all eyes on the couple, can create a unique and emotional experience. Furthermore, you may want to include your family and friends in the moment that your significant other sees you for the first time. If you value the public declaration of your love and the anticipation of that first glance, a first look may not be the right choice for you.

The sweetest intimate wedding at Eastern Divide Brewery in Blacksburg, Virginia

It’s your wedding day – do what is best for you!

In summary, deciding whether to incorporate a first look into your wedding day is a personal choice that should align with your vision and values as a couple. Consider the emotional connection, extended photography time, and relief from time constraints that a first look can offer. However, also take into account the significance of tradition, the potential scheduling challenges, and the desire for privacy and intimacy during the ceremony. Ultimately, the decision should reflect your unique love story and create a wedding day that is truly unforgettable!

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