Whether it's your first time in front of a camera or the tenth, my goal is ensure you're comfortable and having a great time. You should always leave your session or wedding feeling empowered and full of joy. 

What can you expect when you book me?

The Experience

Virginia Wedding & Elopement Photographer

No pressure right? I have been a critical care nurse for 6 years and if these years have taught me anything, it's how truly valuable our time on Earth is. We should hold our loved ones close and celebrate life every single day.

When you're looking back one day and all you have is memories, aren't photos so meaningful? To look back on photographs and get that nostalgic feeling. To reminisce and have the ability to go right back to that place you were in. 

You deserve timeless photos that will instantly take you back to the moment you're living. I want to give that to you.


It all begins with a new friendship and a lot of trust.

let's be real - your photos are a big deal!

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That's where we start. Whether it's your elopement or an adventure session, we should go where you feel the most like you. We should do whatever it is that makes you feel glad to be alive.

When you book me as your photographer, from the second you inquire you have my upmost attention and love. I care so deeply for my clients and their story. I'm here for you through it all and will go above and beyond to ensure I'm showing up for you. 

My approach: intentionality, timeless, joyful, storytelling, care-free

What makes you feel the most alive?

If any of the below resonates with you, then there's a good chance we're a perfect fit and you should go ahead and book me ;)
  • You are are go with the flow and down to have a good time! Life isn't meant to be taken so seriously, I'm all for asking you to do goofy prompts to get those candid shots.
  • You are adventurous and willing to get a little dirty if needed. Kick your shoes off, take a dip in the river, climb some rocks - don't worry I'll be right there with you!
  • You are so madly in love with your significant other. Ok not a must but it sure makes my job easier hehe
  • You love my editing style (hint: this one is kind of important). If you adore timeless and joyful photos that will still feel like you for years to come, then you're in the right place.

I'm not the photographer for everyone...

But i hope i'm the photographer for you :)

You'll remember exactly how you felt

I promise to capture it all so you will never forget.

From what the weather was that day, to the details you spent hundreds of dollars and time on, to the landscapes we explore, to the gut-wrenching laughs and teary eyed emotions. your story is safe with me.

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Show up and soak in every minute. Everything will come together so beautifully. You'll receive a sneak peek within 72 hours, then your full gallery within 8-10 weeks. 

We jump on facetime or call to get to know each other. You'll tell me all about your day and and we can start planning it out! I'll also send a questionnaire in order to create a timeline for your day. 

Fill out my contact form - the more details the better! I'll send you my custom pricing guide. Once you sign the contract and sign the 30% deposit, your date is booked. 

What does it look like when I book you?



best day ever

Absolutely! I know how stressful it is to budget for a wedding. Just let me know when we chat if this is something you're interested in and we will make it work!

Do you offer payment plans?

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As much as possible! If you require detailed planning, I can give you recommendations for a planner or coordinator. I will be a resource for you and help in any way I can though! From choosing your location, to helping you pick what to wear, to searching for an AirBnb. I'm here for you!

Do you help with the planning process?

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Your location is taken into account when you inquire. This way I can work any travel fees into your custom pricing guide and that's that. Never any hidden fees or surprise payments later on! 

Do you have additional expenses for travel?

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I never put a hard number on how many photographs I deliver. On average it tends to be about 100 photos/hour covered. My philosophy is if the photo is good, in your gallery it goes! You will receive your full gallery through an online site in 8-10 weeks.

How Will i receive my photos? How Many can i expect back?

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We love to travel! I am based in Virginia and often travel to Utah. However, I will go wherever your heart desires!

Do you travel? Where are you based in?

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stay tuned!