- For the people feeling unsettled without their next road trip planned
- For the roaming hearts that are at their happiest standing in front of the vast creation that God intended for us to enjoy
- If you're considering going a little rogue on your wedding day, then I'm here to encourage that instinct feeling. I know what it's like to not want to please 200 guests on your wedding day, because we sure as heck didn't either. You can learn more about me and our story here.

Intentional photographer, nurse, and adventure guide.

inviting you to come as you are

Then you can begin that journey right here.

If tradition bores you and you need a space to allow your nomadic spirit to run free...

She is always down for an adventure to unique locals and goes above to make sure you get THE MAGICAL PHOTO. She was a dream at making us feel comfortable, relaxed and natural; not awkward and “posed.” This girl is well ok her way to blowing the photography world away so BOOK THAT SESSION NOW!”

"Kristen is a true gem with a unique eye for mood and light...

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So we didn't really know what to expect or how to pose. Kristen directed us and had lots of fun and interactive ideas that turned out as really cute, candid photos. Not to mention she's super sweet!!

"This was our first time having professional photos done...

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Kristen Noel Photography

This is awkward.

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