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Welcome to my little journal, where I share some rad love stories, our personal travels, tips and tricks for wedding planning, and so much more! As someone who has always enjoyed writing, this is my favorite part of my website. Stay tuned for more epic stories to come :)

Sharing your adventures through timeless imagery. Making magic over mountains.

Welcome to the blog

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Growing up in a one stoplight town in Virginia, surrounded by mountains and vast landscapes, the outdoors have always been my home. Between being by the creek bed catching crawdads and spending all my free time in the open fields of wildflowers, those Blue Ridge mountains is where my life of adventure began.

Meet the husband and wife team that will be there for you every step of the way on your big day.

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THE COMPLETE GUIDE ON HOW AND WHY TO ELOPE IN VIRGINIA. What is so special about Virginia and why the heck would we want to elope here? Close your eyes and imagine what you want your elopement location to look like – Do you picture being on a mountaintop where you could scream your vows […]

Top 5 Places to Elope in Virginia

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Where to even begin with this post? These two beautiful humans met me off the Blue Ridge Parkway to run around in the rolling hills and take a dip in the creek for their adventure session. I am honored to get to shoot their wedding day this coming August and I’m so excited!

Adventure session in the Blue Ridge mountains of Roanoke, Virginia

engagement session in the blue ridge mountains of Roanoke, Virginia

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Only have one day for this day trip from Las Vegas? Not a problem! Here you will find out how to see the best sights within Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada in only one day!

How to Visit Valley of Fire State Park in One Day

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After hiking over the rocky terrain to get the top of Zion Canyon Overlook, these two spent the evening taking in the mountain views as the sun set over the canyons.

Hiking elopement in Zion National Park, Utah. Two adventurous lovers reciting their vows over Zion Canyon Overlook.

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Brenton and Ivy met me at the vast, salty grounds of the Great Saltair in Salt Lake City, Utah to say their vows and promise their lives to one another. Golden rays of sunshine, the perfect breeze to lift her beautiful boho dress, and nothing but clear blue skies. Only twenty minutes from Salt Lake […]

Editorial love at the Great Saltair, Utah. Golden hour magic in Salt Lake City.

Kristen Noel Photography

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