Why should you elope? Okay, there's of course the obvious answer of intimacy, epic landscapes and adventure. But that's not all. Think about your ideal wedding day and be completely honest with yourself. Close your eyes and imagine how you'd like to express your oath to your significant other. What does that look like? For me, an intimate wedding holds such a deeper connection. It's about digging into what you value in your relationship. It's about bringing out whatever causes a revolution in your heart and making that your wedding day.


Creating emotive visuals symbolic to your story.

Virginia elopement photographer

So what now? Rest easy in confidently knowing that I am here to show up for you. I will help you plan it all out, help you envision your dream day from start to finish, assist with booking any other vendors that you might need, and most importantly - be your friend. Your love deserves to be celebrated with intentionality and grace. We live in a world of constant motion, but I can't think of anything more invigorating than slowing down to profoundly take in every moment as it comes - and that's how your wedding day should be. Let's make that happen.

So, what now??

- What lights a fire inside your soul? Whatever it is, do just that on your wedding day. The best part of elopements or intimate weddings, is that they can look like whatever the heck you want it to look like. Find your fire, and let that be your day.

- I was called to create and love people endlessly. I am a donut obsessed, travel-inclined, iced chai tea fanatic, who wants to tell your story through emotive, timeless imagery.

Your wedding should be the most extravagant representation of yourselves.

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