I promise to be more than just your elopement photographer. When you book me, you get all my best resources and guides. No matter where you envision your day - you will get a guide individualized to you, From what to pack, where to hold your ceremony, what the weather might look like - you will have it all in one place. I do the extra leg work so you can just show up and have the best day of your life. 

Everything you need to plan your elopement or intimate wedding, all in one place.

Virginia Wedding & Elopement Photographer

We held our intimate ceremony in Shenandoah National Park in 2021 with our 20 closest friends and family by our side. This isn't just my job, it's everything I believe in. As a critical care nurse for the last 6 years, I know there's nothing more valuable than spending time with those you love most. We should make the most of what time we have today because tomorrow is never promised. Being alive right now is the best excuse there is to actually live your life however the heck you want to. You might as well make your wedding day the extravagant, epic adventure you've always dreamed of but thought could never happen. Let's bring your vision to light.


Do you know why I can advocate so much for the smaller, intimate weddings?

get a sneak peek of what that looks like below.

Because we've been there, done that!

Want some inspiration? Check out some epic photos from past elopements here.

  • Your saying your vows to each other, what do you hear? The sound of waves crashing? Or is it quiet, with the sound of chirping birds? 
  • What do you see? Are you surrounded by wild flowers? Or on a mountaintop with the breeze swaying your lace dress? Are you in the vast open with red rocks and desert sand? Somewhere in the forest that feels like a fairy-tale? Is it somewhere you've been before or somewhere you've always wanted to go? 
  • Who is there with you? Who do you want nearby to witness as you make your promises to each other?
  • What activities do you see yourself doing that day? Do you want to hike? Have a picnic? First dance under the stars? Camp or stay in a cabin? Is there a wedding cake? 
  • What do you feel? Is the sun giving you the perfect golden hour glow? Are you cozy in layers in the white, pristine snow? Is a little chilly but not too cold for short sleeves? What's the weather like?
  • No description is too little. This is the first step to the planning process, a rough draft of your dream day. Don't think of anyone else. Don't think about the "what ifs". If you could do whatever you wanted to do and nothing else was a factor - what does that day look like to you?

Questions to ask to find your perfect elopement location: 

Well without being too cheesy... the world is your dang oyster friend. You have endless options when your venue is the great outdoors. Seems a little overwhelming? Let me help you. Write down the questions to the right, separate from one another, then you and your spouse write down your own answers to each one. Taking the time to close your eyes and envision what you want your day to look like. Forget money, forget the reasons why it might not work. Do this away from each other so you don't influence the other person. I think it's important to have an idea of what each persons picture perfect elopement looks like, so that we can meet on middle ground somewhere. 

While that might not seem productive at first, it can help us narrow it down and have a starting point. 

Where should we elope?

Is having an elopement or intimate wedding right for you? That's the first question to answer. We eloped for these main reasons:
  • the mountain backdrop with the endless possibilities to roam the vast outdoors
  • the feeling of a no pressure and care-free timeline
  • the desire to have our private moments be private, instead of sharing it with 200 people that we haven't spoke to in the last year
  • we valued intentionality over outdated traditions
  • the freedom to do what we want, when we want and however the heck we want to do it
Do you see how these statement all have a common theme? You have the liberation to do whatever you want. Give me your vision, give me all your ideas that you think might not be achievable. I'll not only provide you with resources to make it happen, but give you one heck of an experience to remember too.

Before we talk about the how, let's discuss the why.


The best part... figure out all the details. Wherever you're eloping, I will make an in-depth guide on where to go, how to do it legally, and what other activities you should consider within your budget.

Contact me and share your ideas! I want to help create the day of your dreams. 

Learn about intimate weddings and elopements. If it's the right decision for you, then go over the questions above. Get an idea for what you might like.

How do we start get the elopement planning process started?




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